The attic

The Attic [2010 / 2018]


The Attic is an immersive touring theatre production for 2-5 years olds, commissioned by Starcatchers — Scotland's National Arts and Early Years company.

My soundtrack is a solo piano score that runs throughout the entire production, accompanying the tender story of a young girl and her grandmother and their adventures in an old attic.

The Attic premiered at the Byre Theatre, St Andrew's in October 2010 followed by a UK tour throughout 2011-2012, including the Edinburgh International Children's Festival. The production was remounted in Winter 2017 at Festival Theatre Studio, Edinburgh followed by a Scottish Tour throughout 2017-2018 as part of the Theatre in Schools, Scotland programme. 

I revised The Attic in 2020 as a studio recording and piano sheet music which is available here.


Soundtrack from 'The Attic'

David Paul Jones

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Collection of piano pieces from the soundtrack to 'The Attic' - a theatre production for early years children.

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"Performed through some gentle clowning, and accompanied by a dusty coated David Paul Jones at the piano playing sounds whose mood chimes beautifully with each scene, like the crescendo of surprises as the tower of tiered boxes reveals their contents, The Attic is an innocent, intergenerational delight that encourages looking out and up and forward no matter what age" 

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"the real icing on the cake is composer/ musician David Paul Jones, ensconced throughout at the piano, weaving a filigree web of melody that heightens the whole experience so that ears, as well as eyes, can help shape perceptions" 


"David Paul Jones’s gorgeous and shapely piano score, which he plays live throughout, is absolutely irresistible, conjuring up that special zone of fun, play, and magic that children often enter with their grandparents"


Written by Hazel Darwin-Clements

Director: Heather Fulton  
Music: David Paul Jones  
Set Designer: Karen Tennent  
Costume Designer: Alison Brown 
Lighting Designer: Bee George | Craig Fleming  

​Cast: Hazel Darwin-Clements | Vari Sylvester | Carol Ann Crawford | Gowan Calder
Pianists: David Paul Jones | Keith McLeish 

Images © Neil Thomas Douglas